Deleuze’s Essay

The Smooth and The Striated is the title of the last chapter of Milles Plateaus, a work by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari

full text available at:

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  1. […] Concluding, difference and repetition seem to be present in the aesthetics of this book, but only as their own negations. And this is part of what Deleuze tries to argue in his book – there is no distinction possible between the one and the other and the first or the last time, it all results from one and the same source. In this case, applied to the book, but in other cases also connected to architecture. In ‘The Smooth and the Striated’, Deleuze conceptualizes the notion of space in terms of fluidity, organics and organization, strategy. It is beyond the scope of this short article to go into this, but I if you are be interested in some further reading more focused on the topic of this blog, this might be a good starting point. You can find the essay here. […]

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